Monday, October 17, 2005

An Amazing Find that I Couldn't Get

I came upon this Armoire / Medical Chest / I don't know what the hell it was meant for this morning:

It was on the curb on Bloomingdale Ave - which is off on Connaught Ave - which is on my way to work - in the south end of Halifax. The shelf that's sittingon the top has a glass front.

It is totally really old - it was way too heavy for me to drag to the car on my own and I think it was too big to fit in my car anyway.

I saw it there on my way to work and it was still there on my way home from work.

I was totally upset that I couldn't get it because it is absolutely gorgeous. The things I could do with this piece of furniture. It could be fixed up to be absolutely beautiful. It is a complete shame that it's going in the garbage don't you think? I am crying wooden tears for this piece of history...


Blogger Erin said...

also kick-ass find. Nothing that paint or varnish can't fix

10:51 pm  

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