Friday, October 07, 2005

Before picture of the lounger

I was just on the computer doing something else with my pictures and came upon the "before" picture of the lounger when I brought it home from curbside - this is how it looked in it's original form - it only had one completely visible rotten piece that made the original owner throw it out.

I ended up replacing about 5 pieces of the top - but that's no big whup when you've got a father who has every tool known to man - right Dad? And then slap some paint on it and you've got a brand new to you piece of furniture!


Anonymous Jennifer said...

Your garbage hunting stories reminded me of a story I read in the paper once about a couple who had a wooden rabbit lawn ornament that dissappeared one day....a year later it showed up on their front porch along with a bag of photos of the rabbit all over the country, posed in front of the Grand Canyon, the White House etc etc..No one else in the pics, just the rabbit. Except there was one shot with some Governor of some state holding the rabbit...pretty funny, huh? No one ever came forward and owned up to the rabbits trip around the country...


11:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a world in which people throw out perfectly good items just because a button is missing or a nail is needed, I say bravo to anyone who recycles and reuses! I have read that in other countries, kids scour dumps for tin, glass, etc., to sell to scrapyards. Here we throw out entire sofa sets.

Let us hope that soon everyone who wants to dispose of something will post that item on freecycle so that others can reuse that item.

Way to go!

9:42 am  

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