Monday, July 03, 2006

An Adirondack Chair Makes for a Perfect Deck!

I am really sorry that I forgot to get a "before" picture of this chair - but it was missing an arm and it was really jiggly - and green. But I saw it's potential.

So I took it to my Dad and he fixed it right up. I think it was the thing it gave him the final impetus to finally give me a jigsaw! hahahahaha! So now I can fix up things like this myself! hahaha! Thanks Dad! But I did paint the chair my own self. And my Dad put a ton of screws in it to make it nice and secure.

The brand name on it says "Bear Chair" - and when I did a search on the internet - it comes up as a brand made in Ontario - sold exclusively down here in the Maritimes at Kent, which is a store that I refuse to shop at because it's not dog friendly - so when I looked online for pricing it comes up as being $90.00 AMERICAN!! So I got a chair for free that's valued at $90 American! Now that's savvy shopping!